Firewatch Review

Firewatch Review

  • about 2 years ago by NiK Walker-Smith

Firewatch (highlights)

  • Engaging story
  • Beautiful art style

Firebotch (lowlights)

  • May not be enough “game” for some
  • Reasonably short

Firewatch is a first person adventure game released in early 2016. It is the first game by Campo Santo, a smallish new studio founded by a couple of creative leads who previously worked on Telltale’s excellent The Walking Dead series.

You play as Henry who has taken a job as a fire lookout in Wyoming in 1989. You communicate with Deliliah, a lookout in another tower, over walkie-talkie throughout the plot. The game is laid back in action and intensity, preferring the gamer to explore the beautiful areas that have been hand crafted by Campo Santo so every screenshot looks like a beautiful painting.

The back and forth dialogue between Henry and Deliliah feels natural and real. It pushes you through the story and map, with a mystery to solve that is fairly involving and at times mildly tense. The game could be described as a walking-simulator but I think it’s more of an adventure game like the Tell-Tale games without any constant conflict and quick time events.

The game is fairly short, I didn’t complete it in one sitting but it probably could be done pretty easily. There is a fair amount to see but I doubt there is much replayability as the game is fairly linear.

I didn’t encounter any bugs with Firewatch. It feels very polished, perhaps a benefit from its limited scope and console release.

Overall I enjoyed Firewatch. It is not the type of game that I typically enjoy or attracts me. The change of pace from action games I have been playing before was very welcome. I enjoyed the artwork and gentle plodding through an involving plot, but was mildly disappointed that it ended so soon.