Transmissions: Element 120 Review

Transmissions: Element 120 Review

  • about 2 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Recap of the Half-Life 2 experience with some changes
  • Zombies are more scary when they can only see in the dark…


  • Short

Transmissions: Element 120 is a stand-alone single player mod for Half-Life 2 set in the Half-Life universe. The mod is free and pens itself as a bit of a horror oriented experience.

Beyond a new weapon and some AI changes the game doesn’t deviate far from the Half-Life 2 formula in that it shares weapons, enemies and universe. A new weapon replaces the Gravity Gun allowing you to perform high jumps and survive large drops. This new weapon is put to good use once found and is necessary to pass through a number of areas. Another difference is that the sentry turrets and zombies only work in the dark which is used rather interestingly at the beginning. At one point you have to navigate a pit filled with zombies in the dark.

Gameplay is good, it was like playing a better looking and more atmospheric mini recap of Half-Life 2. You navigate the maps in a typical FPS fashion exploring, killing and solving puzzles as you go. I’d agree that the mod is on the more eerie side.

Transmissions is a very short experience and clocked in at about 1:30hr to complete.

Obviously, the Half-Life 2 engine is getting on a bit (can you believe it was released in 2004?!) but the mod looks fantastically professional. I understand that they have made some graphical enhancements behind the scenes too. Sound is put to good use bringing the atmosphere alive.

I didn’t encounter any bugs. Rather annoyingly, every map load seemed to cause a message about rebuilding node data for the level.

I enjoyed Transmissions: Element 120 and would recommend it. You can’t really go wrong as it’s free!