Stasis Review

Stasis Review

  • almost 3 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Awesome story
  • Awesome use of audio, especially the voice acting
  • Excellent delivery of a non-jump based horror
  • Environments look good


  • Had to restart a couple times due to bugs
  • Transitioning between areas is slow

Stasis is a top down isometric horror point and click adventure game which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and developed by The Brotherhood. You play a character named John Maracheck who wakes from stasis aboard an eerily dead space. All John can remember is going into stasis on his own ship with his wife and child.

Gameplay is typical of a point and click adventure. When you point at something, the game gives you a description of what you’re looking at and when you point at something you can interact with the cursor changes to indicate that. You have an inventory to store items picked up which are needed to solve puzzles. The puzzles range from easy to complicated, I must admit I had to look up the answer to a few. One puzzle involved remembering scientific icons from a number of zones which required me to get the old pen and paper out. More keyboard control would have been great, you can’t quick save/load and finding the ‘Next’ button on terminals with the mouse quickly gets cumbersome.

The story isn’t original but is solid and extremely well executed. For me the game had just the right amount of text-based reading. I’m not a fan of reading books worth of text in games and Stasis had just the right amount to keep me from losing interest when reading peoples accounts of what had happened on the ship.

Graphics wise the environments are realistic and atmospheric looking. Audio has been put to tremendously good work. Dialogue is voice acted and extremely well done, you could feel the emotion in dialogue during particularly upsetting scenes. General environment sounds are good too, occasionally you’ll hear a scream, clanging or creepy dialogue over the public-address system.

One aspect that annoyed me was the deliberately slow transition between scenes, similar to the door animations used in old Resident Evil games. When you’ve reached the point of ‘I’ve had enough of this puzzle’ and are giving it one last go, the slow transition really grated my nerves.

My play-through was not always smooth, it appeared there was a bug with the menu getting stuck as activated but not actually showing causing me to need to restart about five times over the course of the game.

I highly recommend Stasis, it’s a fantastic story-based horror that doesn’t rely on jump scares.