Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review

  • about 3 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Larger areas
  • More and less spongy enemies improves combat
  • Stealth feels less like an after-thought and more integrated
  • Less cut scenes and cheesiness


  • Audio could be improved
  • Quite short. Wait until a price drop if unsure

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood was released on May the 5th and is a stand alone prequel expansion to Wolfenstein: The New Order which we reviewed here. I didn’t enjoy The New Order so how did The Old Blood fare?

Not a lot has changed since Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game has some of the old weapons and enemies as well as new ones. Perks are the same in that you complete a requirement in order to improve your character slightly.

What has changed has shifted this from a not recommend to a recommend for me. Areas are larger with more room for combat and exploration. A new melee weapon which is a pair of pipes allow you to climb walls and kill some larger opponents in interestingly gruesome ways. There tends to more enemies in one go which seemed less spongy than in The New Order. Stealth feels less like an after-thought and much more integrated in the game as areas now have different sneaky routes available.

Story wise this is the mission that leads up to The New Order. You have to find the location of Deathshead’s compound from a secret folder owned by Helga, a Nazi archaeologist. Helga is digging into the earth to find something she shouldn’t be tampering with.

The game was completely bug free for me.

Graphics have improved slightly because the game targeted the newer generation of consoles. Two areas in particular look awesome, the first is when approaching/escaping Castle Wolfenstein and the second is a burning down town right near the end. The audio seemed very similar, perhaps with a little more depth.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood took me 4 hours to complete.

I enjoyed Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and would actually describe it as a solid shooter. I preferred the supernatural Nazi story to the high-tech one in The New Order too. Recommended.