Running with Rifles Review

Running with Rifles Review

  • about 3 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Easy to get into fun
  • Polished
  • Nothing quite like it


  • Can get very repetitive; fun is short lived
  • Difficult to play with friends

Running with Rifles is a top-down tactical shooter. It looks like a mix of Cannon Fodder, Battlefield and Hotline Miami. What do we think of it?

There are a couple of different game modes including teddy hunt, team elimination, classic, deathmatch and the main one, invasion, which involves capturing territory until you have control over the entire map. You use your mouse to aim and keyboard to control your character. Running straight in tends to get you killed so you must use the terrain to your advantage by taking cover behind objects, hiding behind walls and getting a height advantage by climbing buildings. The game also has user controlled vehicles such as tanks and trucks. As you progress you unlock weapons and abilities including a way to manage your own squad.

The single player is a good intro the game but quickly got boring. Multiplayer seems to be significantly more fun, especially working together with other players. Gunplay is a bit frustrating to start with because it is not always easy to visually see if your shots are getting near the enemy, this is made worse at heights when you can end up shooting the ground in front of you rather than the enemy on the street below; you soon get used to the gunplay, though.

My experience with Running with Rifles was bug free with the exception of a bit of difficulty climbing ladders when lots of dead bodies are piled at the bottom. I liked the polished menu system. I tried to play with my friend in multiplayer but could not find a reliable way to actually work together other that by being on the same side in a large warzone; you tend to spawn away from each other, you die often, the battlefields are large and it is generally quite difficult to meet up with them.

The graphics are simple yet work really well, I think if they were any more complex or detailed it would be difficult to see what you’re doing. The audio is basic, there is music which gets irritating very quickly. I’m not sure what the situation on positional audio is, when walking around alone it sounds more like someone is sneaking up on you rather than audio coming directly from your character.

Running with Rifles is a simple, straightforward and fun for short periods. The game could be improved by being slightly less repetitive but I will recommend the game.