Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

  • over 3 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Lots to do
  • Variety of mission types
  • Content. Radio stations are packed with content and people have full conversations as you walk by
  • First person mode is great


  • Couple of niggles that will hopefully be fixed such as mouse lag, unresponsive character movement, lack of joystick support and texture streaming slowness
  • 62GB of storage required
  • Required to sign up for a Rockstar account for single player

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open-world action-adventure game. The Grand Theft Auto series is a household name and has been around since 1997. Each game in the series has been a major success and scored almost perfectly. The console version of GTA 5 has been around for over a year and is critically acclaimed. Have Rockstar put enough effort in to the PC version to make it a hit on the PC too?

At it’s core GTA 5 uses the same game formula as previous GTAs but with a new story, more content, new missions types, better graphics and better audio. You control one of three main characters who all have their own stories and a joined main story. The stories and characters are all excellent and very entertaining, especially the third character to be unlocked.

You travel around using a variety methods such as by car, bicycle, motorbike, plane, submarine, etc. You can visit shops to get haircuts, buy clothes, get tattoos, buy special cars, etc. There is also a large array of activities to do outside of the typical missions like darts, tennis, riding rides, visiting cinemas, hunting, doing a triathlon, etc.

Each character has a mobile phone which they receive email, texts and phone calls on. I didn’t mind this for the story elements but it got a bit spammy as you also receive messages for new weapon or new cars becoming available. You can also access the GTA5 internet which has a number of working websites to visit; a lot of work has gone into this.

The controls are a bit messy, Rockstar have obviously tried to make the game more accessible for the PC platform but the sheer quantity of controls rivals ARMA 3. Mouse lag plagues the menus, despite having the raw mouse input option enabled. Character movement could be improved for the PC, it currently feels unresponsive to turn the character and it is difficult to navigate around tight spaces. I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t use my joystick for flying. The game also requires 62GB of storage which is pretty ridiculous.

The graphics are mostly good. I say mostly because one minute the textures will be good quality and the next it will look like something out of Doom from 1993. Audio is brilliant, there is so much audio content, be it radio stations, casual conversations between people, scripted cut scenes, explosions or weapons. Rockstar have gone to some effort to provide options for graphics and audio, all the typical settings you’d expect for a PC game are present.

GTA 5 is fantastic. Like previous GTAs, GTA 5 is an excellent iteration of its predecessor. The game has obviously been done up for the PC platform but improvements can still be made. Highly recommended.