Tormentum: Dark Sorrow Review

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow Review

  • over 3 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Incredible artwork
  • Difficult but not excessively difficult puzzles


  • Doesn't scale for different screen sizes
  • Audio could have been more atmospheric

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow is a dark fantasy point and click adventure game set is a nightmarish realm. One of the main selling points of the game is all the hand painted artwork.

Gameplay involves clicking to interact with objects and clicking on arrows at the edges of the screen to move between areas. Your character does not move. Dialogue with other characters is one way and has no options. Usually the dialogue will prompt you to make a decision in order to progress. For example, after speaking to a jester I had to decide weather to kill a caged woman or set her free. All these the kinds of decisions are remembered and used to pick the game ending you receive.

The puzzles all seemed to be very well balanced in difficulty. The game contained just the right amount of puzzle variety and frequency to keep it fun and interesting. Puzzles mostly consisted of moving shapes around to fit, pipe flow like mini games and occasional cog fitting games.

I didn’t experience any bugs but the game did crash once. The game appears to save between areas so I didn’t lose anything.

The game took me 3 hours to complete. Loading between areas takes longer than it should do, it isn’t unbearable but more of an irritant when you want to move 5 areas along.

The graphics are 2D and the hand crafted artwork is absolutely incredible. On the downside, the games viewport is a fixed size and does not scale to your screen. The audio is generally a bit dull and could have been put to much better use. No dialogue is voice acted.

Overall, I enjoyed Tormentum - Dark Sorrow and would recommend it. The art is great and the puzzles are fun.