Besiege Review

Besiege Review

  • over 3 years ago by Jason Magee


  • Accessible. Can have lots of fun in a short space of time.


  • Audio a bit dull.

Besiege is a physics based building game in which you construct objects which you use to complete objectives. Objectives include destroying towns and castles, moving your construction from A to B and picking up props and moving them from A to B. You might build a car to knock a town over, a catapult to knock a castle down or some kind of armoured tank to kill an army. Building tools include wooden blocks, armour panelling, hinges, suspension, pistons, cannons, springs, spikes, bombs, balloons, propellers, fireballs, etc.

Each mission starts with your first block set inside a rectangular area for you to build your construction. Once you’re ready to give it a try you can press play and then control your construction. If you manage to complete the objective you move on to the net mission otherwise you return to construction area. In reality you’ll probably press play quite a bit just to check your construction doesn’t fall over the second physics are turned on. The mission picker has one island to do so far with about 15 missions on, the rest are locked out because they haven’t been implemented yet.

One mission involved navigating a minefield to reach a goal which meant I had to build a quite manoeuvrable car and another involved destroying a monument on a hillside for which I created a catapult and slung a bomb to complete. The game also has a sandbox mode to try out building whatever you like.

Besiege is very polished for an early release, I haven’t encountered any bugs whatsoever.

The graphics are quite bland, as you can see from the screenshots most the world is made up of a plain coloured background. This isn’t necessarily a problem, you need the world to be quite plain so you can see what you’re building. Audio is a bit dull, there is very little going on in that department.

I’ve enjoyed playing Besiege so far. If you enjoy Minecraft or Kerbal Space Program, this is right up your street. What I’ve really enjoyed is how accessible it is, I usually need to free up a good chunk of time to play games like this but you can easily sit down and have 15 minute session and feel like you’ve achieved something. Besiege is also very cheap.