Grey Goo Review

Grey Goo Review

  • over 3 years ago by Jason Magee

Grey Goo is an oddly named real-time strategy game. The game features three factions: a wide upper headed alien race known as the Beta, Humans and the Goo. In the campaign you play as the three races, one after the other.

Each faction has a unique way to build bases. The Beta build different sized hubs which have expansion slots to build structures in to. The humans can build off of power line conduits which you place. The Goo faction is the most interesting to play and also the most annoying to play against. Their main hub is a movable Mother Goo which expands until you can grow new units out of it. Because it can move it makes finishing games a pain in the backside because it can also escape over cliffs which the other factions can’t navigate. Humans and Beta need to build attachment structures next to their factory in order to unlock different types of units, e.g. You need to build an air attachment and an artillery attachment in order to build a plane that can bomb ground units. There tends to be a lack of space near mission starting areas which means you have to be quite good at planning the layout.

You can hide your units in shrubs making them invisible to the enemy unless they have units in the shrubs too.

Humans and Beta gather resources by building a refinery and by placing a free extractor on a catalyst site. Small collector units will shift the extracted resources to the refinery. The Goo gather resources by moving Mother Goo’s onto the catalyst site.

Two missions in and the game started to get repetitive. Enemy units casually stream at you and providing you have more units you’ll push them back until you inevitably destroy their base. Most of my time playing this game has been spent waiting for something to happen. Be it waiting for my army to destroy undefended enemy structures which have ridiculously high health, building up my army, waiting for artillery to destroy turrets or waiting for my army to move around. The game follows the format: start as new faction, beginner missions, medium missions, almost fun mission and then on to the next race and it’s beginner missions. The fun missions near the end of each factions campaign mean this game isn’t completely lost and could see improvements.

Each race has an epic unit which takes a painfully long time to build and move around but are quite fun to use. Like a lot of modern RTS, the normal units are bland and unmemorable. I couldn’t tell you the name of any of the unit beyond ‘tank’ and ‘cheap light one’. The factions all have pretty much the normal units with different skins, there just isn’t any character to them.

The graphics are average as is the audio. The graphics engine looks like it could be pretty but the levels are all set on a pretty boring looking planet. The cut-scenes are great and the characters in them are all voice acted.

Some folk are comparing this to Command and Conquer which I must disagree with, it is far closer to Starcraft.

Near the end of each factions campaign it was fun to play, if the pacing and balance is fixed this could be a good RTS but as it stands I can’t recommend this game.