Brutal Doom Review

Brutal Doom Review

  • over 3 years ago by Jason Magee

Brutal Doom is a mod for Doom, The Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth and Final Doom. The Doom series started in 1993 and they are first person shooters. Doom itself is considered to be an extremely important title in video game history and even more so in first person shooters. Doom was one of the first popular first person shooters.

Doom was controversial when it was released because of its ridiculously levels of violence; I tell you this so you can appreciate just how violent Brutal Doom is when I tell you it ramps the violence up significantly. Shooting an enemy with a shotgun will blow half his body off, blood and body parts will explode all over the room and drip from the ceiling. You can execute opponents which causes the camera to zoom out so you can watch Doomguy repeatedly mash in a Former Human’s face with his fists.

The mod changes the balance of the game making it much more intense. Enemies do something like twice the damage and move faster. You will die playing this game on anything above the medium tier difficulty.

The weapons in Brutal Doom should be the benchmark new first person shooters compare themselves against. The new weapons sounds are incredible and the weapons are satisfying to use. You don’t have a crosshair but they’ve added iron sights for precise aiming. I rarely had cause to use iron sights.

You can find friendly marines tied up and rescue them to get a temporary team mate. Sometimes this was very handy to pull enemy fire away from you in larger combat situations and other times he team killed me…

The graphics updates make the game look better, adds fancy effects and lighting. The enemies are still 2D sprites and end up looking more naff because the rest of the game looks so much better. The menu interface sucks, especially on larger resolutions where it was hard to read some of the text and figure out which save game was the latest. Beyond the new weapons, the sound hasn’t changed very much and the music is kinda weird (did it make sense at the time? I can’t remember).

Getting the mod up and running requires some fiddlyness with files and downloads but wasn’t overly complicated. The major graphics updates don’t actually come from Brutal Doom itself but rather one of the source port mods which Brutal Doom requires to run (I used GZDoom). Audio didn’t work out of the box, I had to change an option to get it working. There are a lot of options that can be set, a lot of them can probably be ignored but a few of them will improve the graphics and effects.

If you enjoyed Doom in the the past, stop whatever you’re doing just go and play it. It’s awesome. It’s more intense, looks better, the weapons feel better, the effects are better, the sound is better and the violence has been ramped up significantly.