Goat Simulator Review

Goat Simulator Review

  • over 3 years ago by Jason Magee

Goat Simulator is ridiculous. You play as a goat in a third-person view. The goat can walk, run, walk on front legs, jump, headbutt, lick, have a ragdoll fit and use items such as skateboards and bicycles. Licking attaches whatever you’ve licked to your tongue allowing you to carry it around… this works on cars. In the newer mode, depending on your chosen class, you have special abilities; as a wizard you can shoot fireballs and throw cash around (didn't figure out for what purpose).

Playing it reminded me of playing Postal 2 with its silly, mindless and ridiculous fun. The original game is made up of two areas which have a range of goals to complete, e.g. time in the air, time walking on front legs, object thrown distance, high score, etc. A lot of the goals are similar in each area but the areas are fairly unique and have their own thing: the first area has a gravity centre. The developers have recently added a new game mode, for free, which is a piss-take of MMOs and has a bunch of new areas in addition to the original two. I have had a great deal of fun with this new mode. The new mode allows you to pick a class, level up and complete quests. The quests tend to be quite funny, one has a lady ask you to get her cousin out of some 'deep shit' and when you arrive he is literally standing in shit. A chat window is present which simulates your typical MMO chat rather accurately and very amusingly.

Graphically the game is decent but it overuses blurring, which will put some folk off. Sound is pretty average, sometimes the sound doesn't seem to be in sync with the action that caused it and there is not enough depth to the sound; when you bash in to someone at high speed it sounds more like you've lightly nudged them.

I noted that the game can be a bit buggy, I got stuck more than once, managed to fire myself off into space and earn a number of unlocks/achievements by getting stuck in flying mode. I also found myself enjoying the game in short bursts rather than for extended sessions.

Overall, I recommend this game. You can get it very cheaply.