Dead Rising 3 Review

Dead Rising 3 Review

  • over 3 years ago by NiK Walker-Smith

Dead Rising 3 was originally released on the Xbox One as a launch title in 2013, the PC port was released almost a year later in 2014. It is as an open-world survival horror zombie game where you play a young mechanic, Nick Ramos, and the story chronicles his attempt to survive and escape the zombie outbreak in the city of Los Perdidos. Being a sequel, Dead Rising 3 mostly sticks to the successful formula of the two previous Dead Rising games - a sandbox environment, lots of zombie fodder, some crazy psycho bosses, awesome crafted weapons and a story plot that doesn’t take itself too seriously. All of these elements are present and correct, Dead Rising 3 expands on all of them.

The game is set in the fictional city of Los Perdidos. You have access to almost all of the city from the end of the tutorial part of the game, and you'll find that the play area is massive compared to the previous two games. The move to the next generation of consoles also allowed the game designers to significantly up the numbers of zombies in the horde so there are at times, whilst out in the streets, a lot more zombie fodder to hack your way through. One of my gripes from the previous game was having to return to a workbench every time I wanted to combine two items to make an awesome weapon, in Dead Rising 3 Nick can combine the weapons anywhere. All of the weapons that I can recall enjoying from the previous game are back, and there are even more weapon combos that can be constructed. PC players will find that they have the 'Apocalypse Edition' of the game which includes a load of weapons that would have been DLC / unlockable on the Xbox. These can be found in the weapons lockers in the various safe zones throughout the city. I would advise using these super weapons sparingly as they can upset the balance of the game and make it a little too easy.

To get around the city players can now utilise various vacant vehicles to drive across the map. The standard vehicles - motorbike, saloon car, sports car, van, 4x4 handle reasonably well, and are effective enough to get you to your mission objectives faster, but the fun really begins when you learn how to combine vehicles to make super devastating tools of destruction. The durability increases and most have amazingly gruesome weapons to help thin the zombie hordes. As in the previous game you level up based on your PP and can increase stats, unlock more combo recipes, etc.

The story as with the previous games, is a load of bollocks, but it is enough to string together a load of entertaining psycho boss battles and get you to visit all the locations around the map. I found on the whole that this game was a lot easier than previous dead risings. The time limits felt a lot more generous this time round and the removal of having to return to a safe area to save probably aided this. So there is less time pressure and thus more time to have fun and enjoy the mass carnage. I was a little disappointed that the number of memorable psycho battles seemed to be less than other games but I enjoyed what was there. There is a co-op mode but I have yet to sample this myself.

The graphics are on the whole quite good, the detail and number of zombies being rendered is balanced well. There were reports of performance issues on the PC when first released but I did not encounter any problems myself. There is a frame rate cap of 30fps and removing apparently causes loads of performance problems so I would recommend against it. As with a few other Capcom ports, the optimisation for PC is left wanting.

I would recommend picking up this game in a Steam sale if you are looking for an arcade style fun game that can be played in quick sessions.