Ghost Recon Wildlands beta thoughts

  • over 1 year ago by Jason Magee

Nik and I spent a few hours playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta and wanted to summarise our thoughts…

  • Feels like it would have been better as a first person shooter. Imagine the old Delta Force game in an open world, it could be like that. The third person view just feels awkward and a bit forced here.
  • Could be described as a cross between Far Cry and Just Cause.
  • In a cooperative game, people can do different missions. Getting everyone on the same mission is a bit painful as everyone has to manually accept it.
  • Helicopters fly weirdly and they’re slow. I was expecting to hold forward and and the key to increase altitude for it to go forward but it just goes down. Very odd. Comparable to the bad flying in Far Cry.
  • The majority of missions we did involved travelling to a place, attempting to be stealthy, failing at stealth and killing everyone. It will get repetitive quickly.
  • Most our time was spent travelling.
  • Graphics look pretty but performance was poor.
  • Switching to my under-barrel grenade launcher was very slow in the middle of combat.
  • Nik had a lot of connection problems with the game.
  • Although realistic, most of the world is a bit bland with nothing going on outside of mission areas. The only fun travelling is watching each other crash down cliffs.
  • The missions are short. Need to be longer.
  • Weapons felt good to use.
  • Enemies died nicely. No spongeyness like The Division.
  • Ubisoft’s asking price is ridiculously high. I wouldn’t pay more than £29.99 for this.
  • I enjoyed the cooperative, single player not so much.
  • Not enough enemies in general.
  • Car handling wasn’t great.