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ARK: Survival Evolved gets paid DLC when still in early access

  • almost 2 years ago by Jason Magee

In a baffling move ARK: Survival Evolved developers have released paid DLC for the early access title. Quite why they thought this would go down smoothly is a mystery and the community has hit back on social media, forums and by negative Steam reviews. Beyond the obvious problem with releasing paid DLC for an unfinished game fans are particularly fobbed off because of the ongoing performance problems with ARK and feel the time could have been better spent. Not long after the release, a player commented on the official forums about the situation and received a rather rude response from a member of the developers studio.

Screenshots from Reddit user DrDoctor13.

After that, the member of staff apologised here about his outburst.

Ignoring the ARK developers behaviour, there is a wider issue here: should paid DLC for unfinished games even be allowed? It certainly doesn’t feel right to me. I can think of one reason it could happen and that is if the artists and designers are done working on content for the base game and can move onto a new project…

Despite the negativity, both ARK: Survival Evolved and the paid DLC are top sellers on Steam. Maybe there is something to the phrase “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.