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Croteam offered a 'shitton' of money to make Serious Sam VR a Oculus timed exclusive

  • about 2 years ago by Jason Magee

In a post on Reddit, one of the developers at Croteam commented that they had recently turned down a ‘shitton’ of money from Oculus. Another developer later clarified that Oculus had offered them the money in order for Serious Sam VR to be a timed exclusive on the Oculus hardware. These comments came on a post related to the recent spate of negativity surrounding Oculus’s behaviour of late. Oculus have been heavy handily trying to ‘buy’ developers into making games limited to the Oculus hardware.

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Fortunately, a lot of the community have spotted Oculus’s behaviour and are calling them on it. It’s worth bearing in mind that what Oculus are trying to do is bad for consumers as it would limit what games you could play on what VR headsets for no technical reason. VR headsets are just like your monitor (dumb hardware) with a couple of sensors. Imagine if HP and Dell tried locking games to their monitors only - it’s ridiculous. Valve and the Vive on the other hand are striving for openness and in another Reddit post a user reached out to Gabe, the managing director at Valve, to hear about their thoughts on VR openness.