Relic announces Dawn of War 3

  • over 2 years ago by Jason Magee

In a tweet a few hours ago, Relic released an announcement video for Dawn of War 3. The video doesn’t really show anything meaningful but is cool and in-keeping with the high quality videos in the previous Dawn of Wars.

We at Gamely Digest loved Dawn of War 1 and must have racked up something like 200 hours playing it. The first was a straight-up real time strategy with base building, lots of units, lots of races and different strategies while the second was all about tiny squads with level ups, equipment and the like. Pretty much Company of Heroes (Relic’s other game). I liked Dawn of War 2 but certainly don’t consider it to be in the same league as the first; Nik on the other hand really didn’t like number 2. Hopefully this ends up being more like the first, there are currently enough top-down level up equipment (MOBA-like?) games to shake a stick at.