Oculus pays for exclusive version of Rock Band

  • over 2 years ago by Jason Magee

Oculus announced on Twitter that they have funded a version of Rock Band (from Harmonix) that will only work on their hardware. Whilst their reasoning does make business sense (they paid for it) it is a move that is ultimately bad for consumers; there is an open platform for virtual reality (VR) headsets so pushing a locked down system is pretty anti-consumer. VR headsets have the most in common with graphics cards (expensive hardware & lots of driver/software maintenance).

Oculus pays for exclusive Rock Band

Part of their reasoning for not supporting the open platform, OpenVR is that it has less features, lower performance and doesn’t support the Rift very well but adding better support to OpenVR falls into Oculus’s court. I can’t find any official source for this but I’ve spotted a number of people claiming that the reason support is poor is because the Oculus application programming interface (API - how developers interact with the harware) keeps changing significantly making it harder for third party developers to support. Changing an API for an in development project is fine (& expected) but makes it harder for developers to keep up if every update breaks the previously written code.

Oculus why no OpenVR

Do we really want exclusives on different headsets?