2016 q3
  • almost 2 years ago by Jason Magee

Ahoy Q3 2016 end!

This quarter Nik and I haven’t played many of the same games and we’ve only had one highly recommended which is Starbound. As I’m sure you’re all now well aware, No Man’s Sky is a bit pants and I would really recommend anyone bummed by that to try our Starbound as it is right up your street.

We both thought No Man’s Sky would be a bit pants and weren’t really shocked however we only gave it a ‘not recommended’ rating because of its ludicrous price - had it been a reasonable price it could have been a more neutral. While I suspect that yet again gamers burned by pre-ordering will learn nothing and do the same thing again (while whining about it), it would be nice to think some folk will learn their lesson and buy in a more educated fashion in the future. I would just like to add, that although people feel cheated (rightly so) by No Man’s Sky the developers have still delivered a working game that a lot of people’s hard work has gone in to and certainly don’t deserve the horrible abuse they’ve received.

On a whim I purchased ‘The Solus Project’ and was both pleased and surprised by how much I enjoyed that.

Nik and I have both played the new Deus Ex and while it was good enough to get a ‘recommended’ both agreed there was room for improvement.

Nik reviewed Firewatch and, if you look at the screenshots, you’ll see it looks glorious. He recommended that.

I was pretty bummed about Savage Resurrection as I fondly recall the original and was looking forward to it. Sadly, I think the lack of players mean the game is dead in the water unless it goes ‘Free to Play’ or something…

This quarter also saw the short Battlefield 1 beta which we both tried. While we both enjoyed it I felt a different type of map would have been good to try (e.g. not bland desert) and that yet again planes didn’t contribute anything in terms of the team completion the objective (I say that about all Battlefield games and Nik tells me to shut up my moaning).


Starbound is like a mix of what No Man’s Sky should hopefully be like (has since turned out it wasn’t very good) and Terraria. It’s fantastic and my favourite game this year so far - highly recommended.


Overall I enjoyed Firewatch. It is not the type of game that I typically enjoy or attracts me. The change of pace from action games I have been playing before was very welcome. I enjoyed the artwork and gentle plodding through an involving plot, but was mildly disappointed that it ended so soon.

The Solus Project

I recommend The Solus Project, the high quality polish and excellent audio really make this game great.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I recommend Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Despite a large number of bugs and my gripes with the main story the gameplay is exceptionally fun. Additionally the world is rammed with stuff to do, almost every apartment or building you break into has something going on.

Microcosmum: survival of cells

I liked Microcosmum. It’s addictive and relaxing to play. Don’t expect anything beyond a very simple strategy game.