2015 q3
  • almost 3 years ago by Jason Magee

We are working on a new version of Gamely Digest which takes into account what we've learnt from building the website so far. Hopefully this will launch this quarter and allow us to post more regularly and begin emailing digests. Nik is also working on our first board game reviews!

Satellite Reign

“I highly recommend Satellite Reign. A game like this has been long overdue. It kept drawing me back to try out new things.”


“I highly recommend Stasis, it’s a fantastic story-based horror that doesn’t rely on jump scares.”


  • Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has sadly passed away [Press Release PDF]

  • Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford digs deeper hole over Aliens Colonial Marines [The Guardian Article]

  • Age of Mythology is to have an expansion ‘Tale of the Dragon’ 13 years after it was released [Press Release]